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Keg Collars

Full colour printed , round keg collar with center hole
Full colour printed , round keg collar with center hole Custom shape keg collar with multi colour design and center cut hole for keg attachment 7 inch branded keg collars with custom design, cut in round shape
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What are keg collars?


Keg collars, also known as keg tags, are circular tags made from C1S or C2S SBS card stock. The standard thickness for card stock is 12pt and 24pt.


What is the standard size for keg collars?


The standard size for keg collars is 6.5 inches round and 7.0 inches round. The standard size for the circular cutout in the middle is 2.25 inches. We can also produce keg collars with any custom dimensions to fit your requirements.


Do I need to cutout the center part of the keg collars?


No. Keg collars are delivered ready to use. The central cut-out piece is perforated and can be conveniently taken out. If desired, we can also remove the central cutout pieces during the production process.


Can I use the central cutout as a growler tag?


Yes. You can take the central cutout piece, punch a hole and add a string in order to use it as a growler tag. On request, we can punch the string hole during the production process. We can also include the required string pieces in your order. Alternatively, you can choose to have an adhesive on the back of the cutout in order to apply it on keg caps. Please inform us of any such requirements at the time of placing an order.


Do keg collars have an adhesive on the back?


By default, keg collars do not have any adhesive on the back. If needed, we can produce keg collars with a back adhesive on request. The adhesive can be on the entire back of the keg collar or on the central cutout piece only.


What finishes can be added to my custom keg collars and are these water-resistant?


Our keg collars have a complimentary lamination on the front and back. This lamination can be gloss or matte and makes the keg collars water resistant to a certain degree. Since keg collars are made out of paper-based card stock, they are not water proof. In order to further customize your keg collars, you can also choose to add spot UV, embossing, and foil stamping.


Do you produce custom shaped keg collars?


Typically, keg collars are round in shape. However, we can produce branded keg collars in any custom shape as per your requirement. For smaller sized kegs, keg collars are often requested to be in the shape of a hexagon. You can also choose a shape of your choice to fit your brand personality. Please contact our support team and we will be more than happy to help.

Material White: SBS (C2S)
Brown: Natural Brown Kraft Card Stock
Stock Thickness: 12pt, 14pt , Custom
Size 6.5 x 6.5 inches
7 x 7 inches
Finishing Types Lamination: Gloss, Matte, Sandy Matte, Soft Touch, Pattern
Coating: Gloss AQ, Satin, Varnish, Spot UV, Flood UV
Features Foil Stamping
Custom Die-cut Shapes
Metallic Inks
Other Options Punch Hole for Central Cut-out
Elastic or Regular Strings
Custom Perforation
Adhesive on Back
SKU# BN-005

The Benefits of Keg Collars for Beer Packaging 

Keg collars, also known as keg labels, are an essential component in the packaging and labeling of kegs. These small labels are attached to the top or side of the keg and provide important information such as the brand, volume, and type of product contained within.

The benefits and uses of keg collars are numerous, and they are critical for several reasons:

  • Branding: Keg collars offer an ideal opportunity for brewers to promote their brand and display the unique features of their products. They help build brand recognition and increase the visual impact of the keg on the shelf.
  • Identification: Keg collars provide a clear and concise way to identify the contents of a keg. It makes it easier for bar owners, brewers, and distributors to track inventory and ensure that customers receive the correct product.
  • Regulation compliance: Keg collars also provide essential information required by government regulators. They typically include information such as the alcohol content, product volume, and manufacturer details, helping to ensure that the keg complies with local and federal regulations.
  • Product differentiation: Keg collars help to differentiate one product from another. It allows consumers to quickly identify their preferred brand and style of beer, wine, or spirits.
  • Promotional opportunities: Keg collars can also promote upcoming events, discounts, or special offers. It helps to increase the visibility and appeal of a product and can drive sales.
  • Quality control: Keg collars provide a way to ensure that the contents of a keg remain fresh and of high quality. They help to protect the product from contamination and preserve its flavor.

Keg collars are an essential component in the packaging and labeling of kegs. Whether you are a brewer, bar owner, distributor, or consumer, keg collars play an essential role in ensuring that the contents of a keg are appropriately identified and protected.

Some materials commonly used for keg collars are: 

  • Paper: Paper is a popular choice for keg collars because it is lightweight, cost-effective, and can be printed using various colours and designs. It is also easy to customize and can be printed with various information, such as the brewery name, beer name, alcohol content, and other important information. 
  • Vinyl: Vinyl is a durable material often used for keg collars because it is waterproof and resistant to tearing. It is also easy to customize. 
  • Plastic: Plastic is a popular choice for keg collars because it is lightweight and cost-effective. It is also easy to customize and can be printed with various information, such as the brewery name, beer name, alcohol content, and other important information.

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