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Pro-Cut Vinyl Stickers

Pro-Cut Vinyl Stickers 1
Pro Cut Vinyl Stickers 1
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What are Pro-cut vinyl stickers?


Pro-cut vinyl stickers or decals consist of lettering or graphics that are individually cut and are applied to surface with the help of masking tape. These types of stickers are also commonly referred to as ‘cut vinyl’ or ‘vinyl lettering’.


How do Pro-cut vinyl decals differ from die-cut stickers?


Die-cut stickers are regular stickers that are printed on an opaque or transparent background and are cut to a custom shape. On the other hand, pro-cut vinyl decals consist of lettering or graphics that are individually cut and do not have any background material keeping them together.


What are ‘picks’ and how do they affect the price?


Areas around the individually cut letters and graphics that need to be removed are called picks. A design that requires removal of a large number of picks will generally cost more to produce.


What is masking tape used for in the production and application of pro-cut vinyl stickers?


Masking tape is used to help the individual cut letters and graphics stay together during the process of applying the pro-cut stickers. Masking tape is a pressure sensitive tape that helps in transferring letters or graphics from the release liner to your desired surface. Masking tape is also sometimes referred to as the application sheet.


How do I apply my pro-cut vinyl stickers?


For optimal application, please follow the steps below:

  1. Please clean your window or desired surface thoroughly.
  2. Your pro-cut decals come with your desired graphics sandwiched between the masking tape and the release liner. Carefully peel the release liner off the masking tape so that your letters and graphics are left behind on the masking tape.
  3. Apply the masking tape to your desired surface.
  4. With the help of a plastic squeegee or a credit card, firmly press along the surface of the masking tape.
  5. Peel the masking tape off gently at a slanted angle. If you find your graphics coming off the target surface, please stop and press the masking tape back on.  Try peeling off again at a more aggressive angle.
  6. You can request an application video from our support team for further clarification.
Material White Vinyl
Holographic Stock
Reflective Stock
Foil Stock
Style Standard Cut Vinyl
Reverse Cut Vinyl
Size Custom
Finishing Types Lamination: N/A
Coating: Gloss AQ, Satin, Varnish
Features Front Adhesive
Back Adhesive
Other Options Printing On Backer
SKU# SL-003

Pro-cut Vinyl Lettering & Decals

If you want a sticker which could deliver your message prominently on multiple surfaces, then let the pro-cut vinyl sticker do the trick! It is made without ink or printing and sliced according to the exact shape of the text. You just have to peel it and stick it and then only logo or text will be visible without any residual material. They are mostly used in both indoors and outdoors on front or back screens of vehicles, glass doors or any other smooth surface. The purpose of their use is mostly derived from marketing and promotional functions.

If you are in search of an appropriate company known for its specialized pro-cut sticker printing, then Printingblue is your destination. Our state of the art machinery die-cuts every piece individually and then laminates with pre-masking for easy application.  You can order vinyl lettering for text, logos and slogans in myriad of sparkling colour choices. If you are confused about the text or quote, then our vigilant supporting staff will help you, free of cost, until you get the desired one. It will help you to show up with the style of your choice.

Pro-cut vinyl stickers have more impact than ordinary stickers, just because they are sliced according to the shape of the text and convey a clear message. You can get them at Printingblue reasonably in minimum turnaround time. Our value added services including free shipping and designing would be a service bonus for you.

Pro-cut vinyl decal installation:

Pro-cut vinyl decals offer a great way to display your branding on windows, office doors, and vehicles.  In order to ensure a professional and durable installation, please view the attached video for detailed instructions.

If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding the best way to apply pro-cut decals, please feel free to call us or drop us a line via email.

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